Brief van Grace febr 09

Limulunga Early  Childhood Care and Development
Mongu, Zambia.
Box 910224.
Hallo, Ankie and Jaap.
Here are answers for the questions you asked.
HISTORY: I Grace Muyangana being a person who has a heart for the children and especially the education of children in my community. For it builds the future of any body.
In 2001 after a discussion with my husband, I organized a meeting with few of the members of our community looking at how the children of our community are flocking in big numbers to be street kids, and also how our community has been infested with illiteracy, making it the poorest community in the district.
In the meeting we discussed the importance of education and how it can improve our community. I there fore sacrificed to make a shelter of grass at my home and asked the present members to register all the orphans and vulnerable children they are keeping, for I sacrificed to be teaching them.
To begin with 40 double orphaned children were enrolled and latter started picking single orphaned too, and the number went up to 100 within the same year.
In 2004,a friend to my husband from Australia showed his sympathy and pledged to support the children. He built a block of 1x 2 classrooms with an office on the middle. He also took care of children's feeding and teacher's allowances until 2007 when he paused to gather more resources. Since then until now we have had no funding.
* Tables and chairs: the school has never had tables for the children to write on. And instead write from there laps.
* Water connection :as defined water is life and therefore not healthy for the school to run without water, since our community is poor people queue in order to get water at water plant centers called kiosks. Currently a water charge per month is K120, 000.
* Books {Reading books}: the school only has a few books only used by teachers, too few to be given to children during reading time. There fore books can really help the school.
* Office equipment: A computer, printer, and a copier can help the school in that the school cannot manage to be buying all sorts of puzzle books. if we have our own computer we will be able to make our own puzzles, keep necessary information and print out if necessary .We always have to pay computer owners in order to have the children 's weekly and termly assessment test typed ,printed out and photocopied to the number of the children {95x K500per copy}. Hence electricity is also important for these to work and for security. Currently electricity charges are K150, 000 per month.
* Playground Equipment: Our school deals with 0-7years, who learn through play, therefore play ground facilities are of importance to a school like this one, which also needs a fence to protect the equipment and children them selves.
* School Goal: The goal of the school is to promote and develop a child's personality, talents, psychosocial, mental and physical ability to the fullest.
* Future Plans: Even when we offer pre-school education, it is discovered that some of the children still stop school when it time to go to Grade one due to luck of  sponsorship , therefore we wish in future to open also Grades 1-7 so that the children can continue to Grade 7.
* In Zambia pre-schools are private businesses; the government has not yet adopted them. Therefore for children to go to pre-school, parents need to pay a lot of money, now looking at our poor community people cannot find money to pay for their children /dependants's school fees. Hence came with this idea, for I believe pre-school is the beginning of education, that's why I deal more with children.
* Teachers and I are volunteers who have passion for our community, gathered our selves and shared responsibilities, in the beginning we tried to ask guardians/ parents to donate a bit of money or anything in order to enable the school to run, but they couldn't instead they withdrew their children, so we realized it wasn't doing the school and community any good, so we called them back for free.
For children's health we have agreed with the ministry so that in case of some vaccine, our children can have it at school.
I. G. As: Ideally the income generating activities we have are:-
(a)    Hardware shop
(b)   Transport business (trucks)
We thought of this business because they are most profitable business and can enable the school to run.
Toys: the toys I have in mind are:-
(a)    Woolen or cotton dolls
(b)   Wooden or plastic puzzles
(c)    Plastic toy cars
(d)   Building blocks
(e)    Puppets
(f)     Balls
* Currently, these toys can be cheaply be gotten from outside Zambia, if difficult to send, we can still get from here although at a high cost.
* As at now, we have 95 pupils and children are being enrolled almost every day. So hopefully, we will have more than 100 children before the end of this term.
* Most of the children we have came from within our communities are around the age of 3 – 7 years from poor families example, we have 2 boys and 1 girl all double orphans, taken care of by a grand mother who is too old to work and get food and so they rarely have food, so it turns so difficult to attend school hungry. Therefore, feeding programme is needed.  
School schedule: in the morning, children come for classes from 08: 00hrs to 12: 00hrs and they break for lunch. Thereafter, come back in the afternoons at 15: 00hrs to 16: 30hrs for games and other activities.     
Grace and John Muyangana and Monde Mubita.